Bmw x3 water in rear footwell

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Bmw x3 water in rear footwell

Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 E39 Wet Rear Footwell - ideas? Prev of 2 2 Next. It appears to be coming up from underneath?

bmw x3 water in rear footwell

The sides of the footwell are dry and so is the seal area. Would indicate to me that the door seal is fine. My plan of attack is to get it into the hangar later and take a look at perhaps if one of the rubber bungs underneath is missing? E30M3SE 8, posts months. One of the metal bungs had rusted just enough to lift the sealant and let water in. I've never seen so much water soak into the underlay. I knocked it out and I've now cleaned all the rust up, a liberal coat of hammerite and going to use some sealant and a heat gun to quick cure it!

Might have to drive about with the carpet up to dry it out glad I found it though! Was a patch on the carpet about 4" round, the entire footwell was about an inch deep in water!!! Fox- 13, posts months. That wont be the culprit, it will be the effect of the leak not the cause.

The culript will be the membrane inside the rear passenger door. Remove door card and it'll be obvious. It needs re-sealing. How does the water get from the door to the footwell? I took the bung out of the bottom of the door and it felt dry inside? I'm not doubting you, just trying to get my head round it! ETA: A quick google suggests your both correct, but my question stands.

How does the re-glueing the foam on the inside stop it? I am having the same issue, left hand side. After rain, I open the rear left door and water pours out, the carpet is also damp. The seal at the bottom looks ok, I am guessing perhaps its coming through the inside seal at the top of the door, running down and collecting at the bottom, but unable to pass the seal.

When that fills up, it leaks back inside.Automotive Forums. I have a X3 2.

BMW Footwell Module (FRM) Replacement – E90 2007- 2013 3 Series

I had a water leak coming from a crimped gasket in the sun roof or somewhere that was backing up with water and causing it to leak inside the car, down the passenger support beam. The dealership supposedly found the crimped gasket and fixed it. I thought that was the case, until yesterday that is. I had a ton of water gushing in. After numerous calls to local dealers and one to BMW of North America to file a complaint, I dropped the car off to see if they can fix it this time.

Anyone had similar problems? If so, what was done to correct it? That's one problem we haven't had with ours. We went thru a miriad of issues for the first few months of ownership and after several run arounds from the dealer, I sent a three page letter to the service manager of the dealer and was treated like a king and they finally corrected everything I'd been attempting to have fixed.

Sorry you're going thru this, keep me posted and let me know if BMW cooperates. I'm curious to know the outcome. Good luck! My X3 is still in the shop for the water leak on the passenger side.

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The problem has been isolated to the sunroof drainage tube but the shop is on hold for the repair until the engineers in Germany find a solution. I'm probably not going to get the car back until next week. I have an X3 loaner car though so I'm really not sweating things too much, I'm just hoping it gets fixed and fixed right this time so I don't have to deal with this anymore.

bmw x3 water in rear footwell

Apparently this is a fairly widespread problem with the X3 so keep an eye out. I have not heard of this problem until just now. I too have an X3 with the nice very large sunroof and have never had a problem.

Infact, the vehicle has been problem free for the miles I have on it. I do wish you the best of luck with yours and I am glad they gave you a loaner X3. Please post a conculsion if you could - I too would be interested in hearing the outcome. I have a X3 with panarama roof that has been almost fixed once.

There was a puddle of water behind my passenger seat. I took it to local BMW dealer and they said they had to order a new sunroof part and install. I got the car back nearly 2 weeks later and not only was the puddle still behind the passenger seat but there is now a leak on the headliner near the tailgate on the driver side. BMW knows about this problem, and the new sunroof cassette should have fixed the issue. Which leads me to believe that it was not installed properly.

I am assuming that you X3 is back at the dealership. Good Luck, let me know how it goes.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Got a problem with your BMW 1 Series? Post your car problems here and seek advice from fellow car owners.

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But now I need a bit more help: Identified that PDC sitting in lots of water and other side had water in it as well. Dried out both sides and siliconed all round the vents on both side. At the same time had noticed the back seat was wet which assumed was related and water was running up the car.

Removed rear seats and carpet underneath finding lots of water, which again I dried out. But now having had everything out for a couple of weeks to keep an eye on whether water is returning and allow everything to dry out throughly. But am still getting some water in the little areas to either side of the boot ones the pdc sit in but only a minimal amount and am getting water welling in the bottom of the rear seat area. Doesn't appear to come from rear light area cutout to access light bulbs Have been unable to identify where the water is coming from that is appearing in the wells but final have a slight indication where the water might come from that appears in the bottom of the rear seat it is the threaded holes at the back of the seat area Anybody know where this water might be coming from?

Put some cloths where the seats were and find a steep downward hill. Also get in the boot with a torch and get someone to hose down the rear of the car to see if and where its coming in. Soaking wet rear seats and water in the boot battery and and PDC. I went to a garage and let them try to solve the leaking problem. They told me that they had found and fixed a leak in the rear, left door. They also kept the car for two days, just to make it dry out.

Everything seemed fine. Unfortunately, the seats got wet again when I drove home that same day. I then did some research on the www and found this forum. Read some posts about leaking air-filters in the boot etc. I then went to a second garage with this information to have a second look at the problem. They could not find any leaks. But they confirmed that the seats where soaking wet. Until now it had seemed to me that the water was coming from the sides of the car, rear wheels or doors. I decided to have a look myself and found that the water was actually coming out from the bolts holding the seatbelts, filling the room underneath the seat-pillows, making them soak up the water.

I crawled under the car to see if I could find where the bolts tightened on the other side of the chassi. I could not find them, as the car has a double bottom-plate. What I did find, was two plastic-plugs.I was hoping someone could help, i currently have a F10 d which has been leaking water in the rear passenger side footwell, i cant seem to find where it is coming from.

2005 BMW X3 water leaking into footwell drivers side and pa

The sides of the footwell are all dry the top of the floor mat is dry so im assuming it is comming from underneath the car. I have exactly the same problem with my F11, except my floor mat was soaked.

I've had the car back to the dealer who kept it for 4 days over the weekend and apparently stripped the car back and water tested it twice but couldn't find where the water was coming from.

I've since collected it and driven it for a week.

bmw x3 water in rear footwell

Floor seemed to be drier but still damp but has been wetter again, although not to the same extent, since the rain at the weekend. I've read elsewhere that there is a common issue with the vapour barriers inside the door cards and the water effectively runs out of the bottom of the door card, and hence in to the footwell, rather than being directed through the drains around the edges of the door to the bottom corner where it drains.

My car needs a service in a couple of weeks so I'm proposing to monitor until then but I'm not convinced that its a one off and the issue has been resolved.

Well played around today, i put some tissue paper in between the door and door sill, and sprayed the door and surrounding areas with a pressure washer for 5 minutes. So my water issue returned and I booked my car in to another dealer to be looked at. Dropped it off at 8am today and the guy said they'd probably need to keep it for 3 days. Part ordered from Germany and will be here in days.

We get a puddle on the tarmac each time the door is opened and the sill is usually dripping but so far nothing in the car itself. Started by taking the glove box out and could see water dripping as shown in the video above. So looked around and found lots of leaves wedged near the air vent intake, i ended up taking a full carrier bags worth of leaves and muck with a long screwdriver and vacuum.

I would have thought that this will still be a blockage from all those leaves and crud, causing water to not escape downwards but to linger by the bulkhead. More dismantling and cleaning required? Video09 56 Hi,did BMW fix the leak you mention?

New member here me. I have just had exactly the same problem as Ozzy posted above and it took me three weeks to find it! Water ingress was slow and very minor and only showed when the car was on a particular tilt angle. With the carpets up and car stripped out I sat it out in the rain for three days and no leak! I put ltrs of water on it via a fire hose and still no leak. I then filled a ltr IBC containing water and the UV tracer dye and still no leak but then I moved the car to do the other side and hey presto just the slightest of a run at the back of the passenger glove box area.

Turned out to be the yellow grommet and insulation plate shown as per Ozzy above. BMW would have charged and simply fitted new ones. The car has been off the road in my workshop for just short of three weeks What a bitch to find, I should have looked here sooner and maybe I may have come to a quicker resolve.

Hi I am a d owner, that is new to this forum, and this is my first posting but I believe, I have had a similar water leak problem with my 3 year old 5 series.

The dealership that repaired the leak, said that a membrane in the rear passenger off side door needed replacing, and the front passenger seat had to be removed to remove the carpet for drying.

Good evening Gemma and Danny.An obvious candidate would be blocked drains from the heater intake plenum. Water runs down the intake, cannot drain fast enough and ends up going through the heater into the footwells.

If your TeeCee again thank you," I'm sorry to ask and take your time again" would the location area where the blockage has formed is this to be found beneath the grill that followers on from bottom of windscreen to start of the bonnett. Recently Asked Questions Can I transfer a motorcycle reg plate onto a car?

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bmw x3 water in rear footwell

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Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Search the forum. BMW Z3 2. View Threaded. Wed 29 May Reply Report as offensive Link. Thu 30 May Sun 2 Jun UK Car Discount. Related questions.

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How to Easily fix any BMW E46 3 series wet carpet and wet floor

I am concerned that I will be caught out by tax changes based on the CO2 it produces. I do few miles, mainly off road. What oil can I use in my classic car? Is this okay to use in my car? How many licensed Porsche models are left on UK roads? Value my carmiles buy or sell? Nail File for Points?Im struggling to find the source of a water leak.

Please bear with me and i'll try and give as much info as poss. Water is getting into the drivers side footwell and it seems to be coming from the area where the accelerator pedal is. Ive read other posts and they've mentioned behind the door card, however, thats bone dry and also the carpet directly underneath the door is dry too. Ive checked the drainage points on the inside of both wings and they are not blocked.

I have read I need to remove the windscreen wiper arms as there are another 2 drainage points underneath. I can't get the windscreen wiper arm off. Ive read that you need to press down on the wiper blade 6cm from where the nut is and it should pop up but its no luck. How do I remove it?

Also, its not coolant I can smell either, just water. I don't know how and if I should mess around with the accelator pedal to remove the carpet. Ive put my hand in all the nooks and crannies to see if its wet and its all dry. The top of the carpet where the pedals are, is also dry. I did notice once that there was a puddle where the bonnet release handle is but no water since which is odd. Although the rear footwells are bone dry, the boot has this musty smell yet theres no water visible under the spare tyre or where the battery is The guy I bought it from had the windscreen replaced but I can't feel anything wet or see anything leaking either.

I don't have a sunroof. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks for taking the time to read this gents. Hello ,nice car the windscreen when was it replaced maybe you need new rubber. Bottum of drivers door is is nothing loose inside the door. All the material is fast water may be getting past side window. You have checked in the engine bay no channels blocked small leaves.

Hopes this helps a bit. Put a hose on the windsreen somebody on the backseat see if they see any leaks water is getting in somewhere. I get the car washed every weeks and sit in the car whilst its being washed. Ive never seen a drop anywhere getting into the car.Discussion in ' E83 X3 ' started by danholmOct 2, Log in or Sign up.

Wet drivers side floor. Post Count: 4 Likes Received After parked outside in some moderately heavy rain, I noticed the floor on drivers side was wet. There were some leaves near the under hood drains.

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I clean these out from time to time when parked outside, and pay attention to the drain tubes to make certain nothing is clogging them. Nothing seemed to be clogged. However even if they were, would water seep into the cabin? Anyone else? Thanks, Dan. Post Count: 1 Likes Received Wet driver side back seat wet floor X3 After heavy rains I find substantial water quarts at a time, only in the foot well in the driver side back seat.

After sitting in the back seat in rain, to find the leak, it seems that the water is seeping in through the top door seal, down around the inside door frame an under the carpet in the rear left corner.

The car is parked on a slight incline so that the driver side is higher than the passenger side. I am noting this because I am not sure, yet if the water leak is also present when the car is parked on level ground.

My guess is that the leak is caused by faulty dried out?? Any suggestions as to the cause and repair? Thanks, Frank. Frank, quarts is a lot! My was simply damp.

I do know BMW has a seal product. Maybe this product would soften the seals and hold off leaking. That's the best I can do. My X3 leaked water in the same places drivers side and rear passenger drivers side floor. I think the following is what fixed it. It took a couple of trips to get it right but it is working. Carnell MosleyFeb 5, They get clooged quite often.

I dunno. Michael BeeMar 31, Leaky X3 I have a X3 that has leaked twice. When it happens and I drive it, it sounds like I'm in a row boat on a choppy day. Also cleaned out the drains in the sunroof. I spoke to a very condescending young man who didn't seem interested in my feedback. CDierickxMay 13, Post Count: 27 Likes Received I had the same problem with the rear driver side door in my X3.


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